Do not charge by distance

Translink recognizes Langley and Willoughby area as a growing community but they continue to shaft the people there with inadequate services. 

For example, moving the 595 from 200th street to a different route is what they call expansion.

No, I would call that a reallocation of services rather than expansion. Now I have to take the 501 to Carvolth, wait 30 minutes for the 555, whereas before if I took the 595 to Carvolth I could wait 5 minutes. 

So I am totally against charging people by distance when you don't even provide adequate service to people in Langley. It should not cost me that much to get downtown. Luckily I am a U-Pass BC holder but I cannot imagine how miserable it would be to have to pay the regular rate for commuting downtown. 

Do a better job of providing service to those in Langley and Willoughby area and maybe I'll support increasing fares or charging based on distance.


And don't even get me started on how many mechanical issues and cancelations the 555 has.

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  • Fair distance and pay I have a compass pass

  • No

  • Weston bosma 

    This forum is a good opportunity to dig deeper into the reasons to vary fares (or not) in each of the three components we are currently looking at. To help us further the discussion, can you tell us more about why you feel differently from Kevin about varying fares by distance? 

  • Kevin Chiang

    You bring up a good point, and one of the possible arguments against distance based pricing:

    People that usually have to travel farther on transit live in areas where transit services offered are not not as good (direct, frequent, etc).  By using distance based pricing, it is doubly penalizing those (yourself included) as they have to deal with worse transit and have to pay more for transit.

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  • Kevin Chiang

    This is an important dynamic to consider and discuss. Thanks for raising it on the forum.

    To further inform the discussion, you might also be interested to note the expansion of bus service planned as part of the 10-Year Vision. Page 5 of this backgrounder on Phase One of the 10-Year Vision has a map of the improvements planned for Phase One. For more information on the 10-Year Vision, this FAQ page is a good place to start.

  • ''And don't even get me started on how many mechanical issues and cancelations the 555 has.''  -Kevin Chiang

    Try the 601!😃


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