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Welcome to TransLink's Online Forum for Phase 4 of the Transit Fare Review

We received more than 55,000 responses from people across Metro Vancouver in the first three phases of the Transit Fare Review. Now in Phase 4, we’re checking in one last time for feedback on our proposed recommendations for changes to TransLink’s transit fare structure.

Our key recommendations are organized into two categories:

First Moves: Actions or policies that help to improve the customer experience and can be implemented while maintaining overall fare revenue. These recommendations include:

  1. Eliminate zones and shift to pricing by the distance between stations on SkyTrain, SeaBus and future rapid transit, and update pre-paid passes to reflect this change. Maintain flat fare on bus.
    • Maximum fare would be equivalent to a three-zone fare.
    • Evening and weekend off-peak discounts would be maintained.

Future Moves: Actions or policies that help to improve the customer experience, but would require additional funding or further study before implementation. These recommendations include:

  1. Expand targeted off-peak discounts and/or rewards to better manage overcrowding on the system.
  2. Expand discounts for children, youth, and low-income residents through partnerships with Senior Government.

Additional information on other recommendations we are proposing can be found in our Phase 4 Draft Summary of Recommendations.

This online forum provides an opportunity to discuss the components and options of the fare structure under review in the phase in more detail, and thus to learn more.

In addition to participating in the forum, please take the Phase 4 survey. This is where we will ultimately look for your input on the options within each fare system component.

How will my input be used?

The online forum is a great opportunity to engage in discussion, learn together, and resolve outstanding questions, however, the survey is where we will collect your feedback.

Who is this forum intended for?

The online forum is open to everyone so they can understand more about the system and the options under consideration as we look to build a better system.

Don’t be discouraged if some discussions seem too technical – asking someone to explain is a helpful way to deepen everyone’s thinking. If you’re a serious transit fan on the other hand, you’ve found your playground. Either way, let’s talk!

Please treat everyone with respect to keep the conversation running smoothly and ensure a positive experience for all participants. Inappropriate, abusive language or attacks will not be tolerated. Read more about our ground rules.

How quickly should I expect a response?

TransLink staff working on the Transit Fare Review will respond to your questions. We will strive to ensure we get to your question as quickly as possible and most questions will be responded to within 1-2 business days. Before submitting a question, make sure to scan others that have been asked. It’s possible that your question may already have been asked and answered!